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1031 Tax Deferral Strategies for Real Property

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30 Years of 1031 Industry Leadership

With over 30 years of experience with 1031 Exchanges, our skilled experts ensure a swift, seamless, and personalized transaction nationwide.

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Your case will be handled exclusively by a Certified Exchange Specialist®  who fully understands the complex requirements of 1031 exchanges.

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Timelines are critical to 1031 success, so you will receive personalized email notifications to keep you apprised of upcoming deadlines and milestones.


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Security of funds held is imperative. We’ve been protecting our clients funds for over three decades.  All funds are placed only in 5-star banks.

What is a Section 1031 Exchange?

Leverage Your Gains

IRS Revenue Code Section 1031 allows sellers of investment or business-use real estate to defer paying capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes when they use the proceeds of the sale to purchase one or more additional pieces of investment or business-use real estate in a transaction called a “1031 Exchange.”

Deferring taxes allows you to leverage the full proceeds of a sale towards the purchase of additional properties enabling the purchase of larger or more productive properties.

To qualify for tax deferral, sellers must comply with the strict timelines and rules set forth in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). Proceeds of the sale should also be placed with a third party known as a Qualified Intermediary.

The experts at Liberty 1031 are here to guide you with the important personalized information and documentation you need for a smooth 1031 Exchange transaction.

Liberty 1031 Exchange Case Studies


Every property is different and every exchange scenario is unique.

See how the experts at Liberty 1031 applied strategies on these recent transactions.

Disaster Relief and 1031 Exchanges

FACTS:   The Exchanger, who lives in Idaho, has closed on its Nevada Relinquished Property ( an investment rental home valued at $350,000) on August 1, 2017.  The Exchanger has timely identified its possible Replacement Property, before the 45th day for...

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Two Properties Exchanged for One Property of Lesser Value

FACTS--A very bright client of ours purchased two different properties a number of years ago.  These two properties were in a developing area of Miami-Dade County.  Additionally, both of these lots had neighboring properties that were raw acreage.  These two (2)...

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Why Choose Liberty 1031?

Why?  So you can experience the peace-of-mind that your transaction will be expertly structured and managed. 


  • 30+ years of successful 1031 guidance.
  • Personal service from certified specialists.
  • Timeline management.
  • Full documentation preparation.
  • Nationwide service.
  • Security of funds.
Common 1031 Myths – Part 3

Common 1031 Myths – Part 3

I have been handling Section 1031 tax-deferred exchanges as a Qualified Intermediary for more than 30 years.  The following are some of the typical exchange myths I hear repeated almost every day. View The Previous Posts in This Series Common 1031 Myths - Part 1...

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