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At Liberty 1031, our experts have over 30 years’ experience in 1031 Exchanges. Our skilled staff has handled all types of Real Property Exchanges, ensuring that your transaction is facilitated by accomplished professionals. In addition, our nationwide experience assures that your transaction is completed with the highest regard for differences in state and local laws.


We’re there when you need us. Your Liberty 1031 Exchange Coordinator is CES certified and is available to devote the time and effort that you need. When necessary, Liberty 1031 can provide complete exchange documentation within minutes.

Timeline Management

Smooth and successful 1031 Exchange transactions require strict adherence to timelines for identifying and acquiring replacement properties.  Liberty 1031 will provide ample email notifications so you won’t miss important deadlines.

Full Document Preparation

Proper documentation is critical so we prepare and deliver all required documentation to all parties, ready for signature and provide executed copies after the transactions.

Nationwide Service

No matter where in the US your relinquished and acquired properties may be located, Liberty 1031 can complete the required documentation required by US and state tax authorities.

Security of Funds

We’ve been protecting our clients’ funds and information for over 30 years.  All funds are placed in 5-star rated banks.  All money transfers are ordered in person at the distribution banks so no deposit information is transmitted electronically and all transactions are carefully reviewed.

Expert Guidance

We provide critical added services. Every exchange scenario is different.  We offer expert strategy guidance so your exchange can be structured to meet your needs and comply with IRS regulations for a successful tax-deferral exchange.

About Stephen A. Wayner, Esq., CES

Stephen Wayner is an attorney, Certified Exchange Specialist (CES), and Managing Director of Liberty 1031. Mr. Wayner is recognized as a leading authority on the subject of 1031 exchange transactions. He is a current board member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA) and is the author of numerous books and articles on 1031 Exchanges and real estate investing. Mr. Wayner has been cited as an expert on 1031 Exchanges in publications including USA Today, NewYork Times, Business Week, and The Wall Street Journal among many others.

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